-Term 2 Project and Final Exam Review-

Coding Project: This is to be a robust demonstration of the course, chapters 1 – 7, with your discoveries and inventions and is to be of value to represent 50% of the course work. Versions are due as indicated in Moodle and points are earned relative to the version submitted. You are to design your own program or use one that I suggest.

You may use any coding from the book or in the class. You may design a Tic Tac Toe game if you are stuck for a project. You MUST have a program in mind before Midterm. The project is to contain at least one topic covered in sections 1 -3 in each of the chapters 2 – 7 in the book. A Grading.doc file is to contain notation as to where you place this code in your project.  You are to discuss situations such as problem, successes, questions, and the scheme of your project.  When you hand in versions 2 and on, you are to discuss what you have added.

Everything listed will be on the final.

If you want help with any of these, show me a completed and working example indicated. Place your question in the forum before asking me. I might cover these in class but don’t count on it as there may not be enough time.

Object.Property=Value (Ch 2.2 p42 #9)

Dim Variable as Double, ListBox (Ch3.1 p57 Ex2)

X = X + Y, -, *. / , (, ), Dim Variable as Integer (Ch 3.1 p60, Ex 5 Does this look familiar?)

Dim Variable as String, Text vs “Text” (Ch3.2, p 69 ex1)

Value = Object.Property, TextBox, Button, Label, PicBox, Cint, Cstr, Cdbl (Ch 3.2 p71 Ex 2)

Listbox, Write a sentence to a listbox (Ch 3.2 p72 Ex 3 & 4)
SubString (Ch 3.2 p76 ex7)

X, =, NOT) Logical Operators (Ch 4.1 p107, Ex 3)
IfThenElse (Ch 4.2 p112, ex 1)

FormatCurrency (Ch 4, p116, Ex 5)

Global/Local Variables

Sub Routines (Ch 5.2, pg 176 ex 1)

…..Private Sub btnEnter(…)
……….Manipulate VariableToSend (Do some math with it)
……….DoThis(VariableToSend, VariableReturned)
……….Manipulate VariableReturned
…..End Sub

…..Private Sub DoThis(ByVal X as Datatype, byRef Y as Datatype)
……….Manipulate X with other variables. (X and VariableToSend Datatypes must agree)
……….Result with Y and other variables (Y and VariableReturned must agree)
…..End Sub

For Next Loop (Ch 6.2 pg 233 Ex 2)

Do Until Loop (Ch 6.3 pg 245 Ex2)

Read/Write to/from a text file Ch 8.2, pg 367 Ex 1 (Could become optional)

Extra credit: If your program requests the operator to input a numeric value and a non-numeric value is entered, your program will crash. You can require the program to refuse anything other than numeric input if you use the IsNumeric Function (Ch4.1 bottom of p108)