How to backup your project and use revisions.-

I hope to make a video on this soon but for the time being,…

For this example, I will use the course standard of “AmbrosiniS 42 Welder rev 01” for the name of the file and folder.

1) With your project open, go to the code window.

2) Select-All and copy the code into the clipboard.

3) Navigate to the location where your inner folder is located for the program you are backing up.

4) Right click “New” and create a new document.

5) Rename the new document file to the course standard
(AmbrosiniS 42 Welder rev 01.docx” )

6) Copy and paste your code into a document file and save it.

7) Click the Back Arrow and go back to the outer folder.

8) Right-click on the outer folder and select “Send to/Compressed file.”
(AmbrosiniS 42 Welder rev

9) Rename the original outer folder (not the compressed one) to reflect the new revision number. (AmbrosiniS 42 Welder rev 02.)

10) Submit the latest zipped revision.(AmbrosiniS 42 Welder rev 01.)

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