-VB Project Reminders-

Apply these rules by the start of the 5th class period. For more instruction on some these requirements, see the tutorials under “Class How To, How to Create a VB Project,” and “Class How To/ How to pass in a VB Project”.

1) Name your project: In the top line of your code, in the titles of the program and in the names of the folders. Use Assignment Number, Name of program, Your Name, and revision number. (IE: 12-Morph-Ambrosini-Rev03 )

2) Proper Coding: Empty subroutines are to be deleted, use proper naming for all objects, and all lines of code that you write are to have pseudo-code statements. No “Build Errors”, comment them out and explain what you intended to do.

3) Object Syntax: use proper prefixes on objects, name objects to fit the operation, program is to have an exit button. Do not use default colors or font sizes.

4) Compress the OuterFolder and hand in early and often. Due dates are due dates even if you miss it by 5 minutes. I will evaluate your work and get it back to you and you may resubmit for an improved grade. The OuterFolder is to include a copy of the code in a document file and the Revision log. Revision log is to include notes on what you added since the previous hand in.

5) If you re-submit a project that contains the exact same name as one already submitted (hence no updated revision level) I will presume that it is the same version as before and will delete it.