-How to take the Quiz-

Each section of the chapters has a quiz that is on-line and is homework. Generally they have 10 questions and you can take the quiz only once. When you start you get 10 minutes to complete it. Don’t be fooled into hitting the back arrow which looks like it resets the timer. The quiz expires in the original 10 minutes.

The quiz is found in Moodle, has a check mark at the beginning of the line and the line has a Q just after the chapter number. Line 5 is a quiz. So is line 6, and 11, 18, 22, 28, etc… Every quiz is already open and will remain so until the due time posted. You can do the quiz early but again, only once.

The Self Study Quiz bank are at the bottom of the assignment list. They can be done over and over again and will indicate the right answer if you answer the question correctly. You can redo the quiz as often as you like. You will get ½ point for every correct answer at mid-term.

If you do a bit of math here, you will see that the quiz total will not greatly affect your grade but it can determine the difference between a B+ and an A- for your final grade. More so, when I look at the graphics of the quiz totals, it will tell me what I should review in class. Doing each quiz will sharpen your grasp of programming and will make doing the projects much easier.

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