-Term Papers:-

There are two writing assignments for this course. One is due a week before Mid Term Exams, the other is due two weeks before Final Exam.

The first term project is for you to write an informative two or more paragraph review of each of the four “Download” videos. I will evaluate and grade them as they are submitted. You may resubmit as often as you like to improve your grade. The value your paper has at the time of the scheduled due date will be the value entered into the grade book. Each version, by due date, increases in value and they are summed for your final grade on the project. These are to be submitted as a single document. Titles, footnotes and comments for the clips are to be noted at the end of the paper and are not part of your writing.

As a final version, compile all four clips in one paper. Place introductory and conclusionary paragraphs to the beginning and end of the paper and add connective paragraphs between the clips. Short paragraphs should be blended to create larger ones. Excessively large paragraphs should be divided for shorter ones. Your submission will be a “0” value if you do not maintain the required structure.

The Project for the second term has 3 options, choose one:

A) Continue from your term 1 project. Since the movie was produced in 2006, some of the information is out-dated or has developed to a higher level since then. Your assignment is give a short reflection on the video and to continue the growth of what is covered in the video. Discuss how the social network experience has changed. How it has been in the news or used in ways that the author probably did not expect.

B) Write an in depth one-page discussion for each of any 7 clips found in the Visual BASIC web site. If you choose a clip longer than 30 minutes you can count those as 2 clips.

C) Write a pathfinder for any one social network web page. (Twitter, Facebook, etc…) Talk to me before starting this one. This is to be written to explain how someone uses the service, not a description in what it does. Use Screen Captures and actual examples.

Do not be surprised if your work is rejected for any violations of the following requirements:

The format for these papers is to be 11 point black Trebuchet MS font, 1″ margins and single spaced. Do not include opinions or citations from the clips. Do not say “I liked this because…” or “In the clip it states…”. Take these same lines and turn them into facts or declarations. Place a linefeed between paragraphs.

All references and footnotes are to be on a separate page. The number of pages assigned will include splash over to an additional page. Citations are to be kept to a minimum of less than 8% according to TurnItIn. Proper paragraph structure is required. (typically: 1 sentence Intro, 2 – 3 sentence discussion, 1 sentence closing). Previews allow me to comment and recommend changes in your writing. Early and multiple submissions are welcome. IE: Send it in as often as you like for suggestions and mark-ups. This is not only a research paper on the topic but also an evaluation on your writing skills. Use of WikiHow and sources that spell out the answer for you are not permitted.

Additionally, if you have a paper for any other subject, feel free to let me evaluate it for grammar and suggestions. I may not know anything about the topic but I can help improve the readability of your work.

Resubmitting your work:

You are to keep a log of your submissions and my comments. When I suggest changes, copy my comments onto your document then copy & paste your work to the top of the document. Add NewPage symbols between versions. Highlight the new version and change all lettering to dark blue. Place your changes and new material in black.

I encourage you to send in your written work often and up until 48 hours before an assignment is due. Your original work is to be in black. I will insert comments, using a green font, both in your work and at the bottom of your work. You are to make your corrections and new work dark blue.

In short:

  • Your original work is in black.
  • I will place my comments will be in green.
  • Your latest additions will be in blue.
  • Change your blue to black when you place new information after I have seen it.
  • Leave my comments in green as green.

  • This color coding may seem bizarre at first but you will understand once your start using it.