How to approach this course:-

Before each class period:

1) Read the weekly assigned chapter, do/hand in the homework, take the quiz. This should take about 2 hours a week. Check Moodle for specifics. Depending on the pace of the course, there may be no chapter work or book homework towards the end of the course. Look ahead, work ahead and don’t wait. Homework is not usually covered in class unless you ask questions.

2) Use the Forum for questions and to answer questions of other students. Your participation in the forum will be graded. The use of the forum will be your best option for understanding the course. It allows you 24/7 access to ask questions, get answers, and discuss complications in coding. Generally, my system alerts me when a question has been asked and many times you can get a response from me within the half hour. All students are encouraged to participate, The more that do, the easier the forum will be to use.

3) Do the self study Worksheets that will appear at the end of the list of assignments. Do them as often as you like. Make corrections. With all worksheets, you will receive the highest grade regardless of the value of the final attempt..


During each class:

1) Use sga[att]ProfessorsPlace[dott]Info to submit the password. You MUST include the course designation (CS113MF-pw or VB-CS113TR-pw) in the subject line or it will be deleted by my spam filter. Other words can be in the subject line but the class designation must be there as is, no spaces, case sensitive, no extra characters.

2) Why is there no lecture? The lecture is in the reading, not in the classroom. I give demonstrations, not lectures. Generally, lecture tends to be nothing more than my telling you a condensed version of what you need to remember. It rarely contains what you need to know.

3) Submit In-Class Work: Every class period requires you to hand in your in-class work through Moodle. If nothing covered in class can be submitted, then nothing needs to be submitted.


All projects:

  • Project Folders are to be submitted through Moodle ONLY. The structure for the title of is defined in the general syllabus . Moodle accepts only one file so you need to submit the zipped final folder as one file.

  • The project journal must have the latest entries at the top. Include a discussion as to what is new to the program along with any feedback I have given you on the previous submission, if any, followed by all previous discussion on this project.

  • Include a note to tell me if anything went wrong so I can consider your grade as it should be. Failure to do so may result in my presumption that you did nothing new and you did not see any of your errors if any.
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