How to Lose Points on a VB Project…-

You will lose 10% of your grade for any of the following violations:

.1) Improperly named projects or folders. (Lastname_ProjectName)
.2) Missing exit button,
.3) improperly named objects,
.4) non-logical names of variables or subroutines,
.5) submitting a project that does not have presentation.
.6) extraneous code
.7) missing pseudocode on each line of code that you write
.8) if something doesn’t work, comment about it in code and in your grading.doc file.
.9) each day late including weekends, holidays, snow days…
.10) more than one folder zipped submitted. (Folder may contain folders)

Your project will not be considered if you submit a program:

1)    with build errors.
2)    that does not contain the necessary elements per order of the assignment.
3)    that crashes according to the needs of the assignment.
4)    Containing Empty Sub Routines,
5)    Using any object with the default name (Form1, Button1, etc…)
6)    Using the default font or object size.
7)    Uses hard-to-read color combinations (No black letters on dark blue etc).
8)    That does not include your name and e-mail address as comment in your code
9)    And your last name is missing from any folder except the system folder.
10)    That does not include a Grading.doc file.

It is your responsibility to ask questions if you do not understand any of this.
Additional rules may be added.

The Grading.doc file is to be titled with your last name and is the link between various versions of a project.  Start a new document with each new project. The document is to have comments on what you want me to see in your program. Do not make this long winded. You are not graded by the word.

Use paragraphs, at least one per topic! This is to be located in the compressed folder with your form file (.sln) and the system folder. The latest information is to be at the top of the document. Add your latest comments above that and include the date.  Separate dates with a line printed across the page.

The latest and greatest version (only) of your source code is to be at the BOTTOM of the Grading.Doc file.

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