Before the First Class +

Welcome to CS110, Introduction to Computer Applications.

This document should help you get started and be ready for the first day of class.
If you have any questions please feel free to each me at my university eddress AmbrosiniS@CCSU.Edu or log into Moodle and use the forum.

Purchase the book. You can go to the CCSU Book store and spend $159 or go online to get it from 1c to around $10 and have a previous version. The books are slightly different and even if you are working with someone with a different book, you will probably not notice the difference*.

The books available for CS110 are:         ISBN: 9781133526148                 ISBN: 9781423927728

Log into Moodle. This is the source to see your assignments, worksheets, exams etc for the course.

  • Go to and
  • click on Spring 2018 and
  • click on S18 Computer Science and
  • click on Introduction to Internet Applications (Ambrosini) and
  • log in. When prompted for the enrollment key use the one sent to you by e-mail

Homework The first six weeks cover the first six chapters and includes an associated worksheet which is found in Moodle. Homework is submitted through Moodle ONLY and are due by the 9am the week after they are assigned. Late homework will not be accepted.

Homework is not much more than performing the tasks spelled out in the chapter with the exception of the end-of-chapter work. For your fun and enjoyment you may, however, explore all parts of the book and include additional coding into your homework, classwork and especially your term project. Answers and explanations to the odd numbered ones are found at the end of the book. Exploring these will go a long way to help you develop better understanding of the course.

Generally, class work will not follow the book therefore you can start right now and go as far ahead as you want and the sooner you get through them the easier class work will be.

*In reference to purchasing the book: This message on this typically goes out a month before the start of the semester so it may be a bit late to take advantage of this suggestion by the time you see it. If you find another book by the same author, it might be useful for the course but you should clear it with me before purchasing it. It is your responsibility to have a book before the class starts as late homework is not acceptable.