-Welcome to my Professor’s Place Info Web Site.-

There is far more information on this web site than you really want, or need, to know. (:

This Web Site covers three different courses: CS110: HTML Programming, CS113: Visual BASIC Programming, and CS115 Microsoft Office. Please feel free to explore.

All of my courses have four main components:

  • This web site which explains the course policies and the assignments.
  • The forum where you can ask questions, get answers, and generate conversation 24/7.
  • Moodle where your grades and assignment announcements are made.
  • In-Class Work and Homework, and home exams.
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    The General Syllabus contains the policies and descriptions for my courses in general including my grading policy. You should also check out the course specific Syllabus of Classwork” and Syllabus of Homework. Also look into the Before the first day of class option to be better prepared to start the semester. Most of all: Buy the book cheap!

    Check out How to Survive this course. This will philosophy and practice will help you in all of your other courses.

    Run the self-study Worksheet collection at the end of the Moodle list as often as you want until mid term when they will expire. The highest score per worksheet will be added to your accumulated course points.


    There is a large on-line component for this course and you are strongly encouraged to work ahead as this will make the course much easier in the long run. It is found in Moodle and is available long before the start of the course Please take some time to explore it as it is packed with information that may be confusing at first. Fear not, there is a method to the madness.

    Last but not least: Report Problems, don’t just live with them. This goes especially for computer problems in class or anywhere on campus. If something is not working as expected: mouse missing, computer not booting, system going into reset, screen problems, missing or malfunctioning software, ANYTHING.

    The wonderful people in the IT department will usually get it repaired or replaced within 24 hours but they won’t know to fix it unless someone reports it. When reporting to me, please spell out what is happening (or not happening) and tell me on which computer with its location the problem occurs.

    DO NOT WAIT until the next class to report something. It is a waste time and you will have to compete with other students for my time especially at the beginning of class.

    Professor Ambrosini

    Special request: If you see any errors in this web site, especially 404, PLEASE let me know how you got to it. Try your method again to see if the error is repeatable then tell me where it is and how you found it.


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